The “Confined Boater’s Daily”: Switching to motor after 45 years of sailing

After several decades of sailing, Stéphane finally “converted” to motorboating eight years ago, and enjoys flotilla rides with the Verado Club as much as solo sailing.

Question 1: How long have you been boating?

The first time I went boating was in 1967 on the small wooden cutter of a marine carpenter in Quiberon Bay. The boat had just been launched and we spent our time bailing out with a tin can. The boat was in the port of La Trinité-sur-Mer.Then, in the following years, I took sailing courses at the SNT (Société Nautique de la Trinité-sur-Mer) in the summer and practiced sailing on the lake.I have never stopped sailing since, first on my father’s boats and then on mine.My first purchase when I entered the workforce was a Sylphe by Michel Dufour.I converted to a motor in 2012.

Question 2: What type of boat do you have and where do you sail?

I have always sailed on sailing yachts, always bought second-hand in different versions, keelboats, ballasted dinghies, catamarans, etc. It is difficult to reconcile one type of boat with a sailing programme. Finally, we converted to a motorboat in 2012, which is best suited to our day-to-day sailing and which, thanks to its speed, allows us to extend our range.I’ve just changed boats and my new boat a Quicksilver 755 Open replacing a 675 Open of the same make is waiting to be prepared in its cocoon on a rack at the dealer’s. We mainly sail as a couple, family and with friends in the bay of Quiberon and in the Gulf of Morbihan with a sailing area from Lorient to La Rochelle.

Question 3: What is your best memory of boating?

Every boat is a new story and the culmination of a project with always a nostalgic feeling when changing boats, so there are a lot of wonderful memories, the discovery by the sea of remarkable places not visible from the land.The pleasure of anchoring in a quiet place far from the crowds or to meet friends at annual meetings or challenges with more than 35 boats. A wonderful recent memory, the co-organization of a nautical event in the bay and the Gulf of Morbihan with sea lovers and boats from all over France.

Question 4: What is your worst memory of boating?

My worst sailing memory is a dismasting at night under sail on a 41-foot rental sailboat during a crewed and flotilla convoy.after several unsuccessful attempts to drop the rigging and a tow by another sailboat in the flotilla, we finally had to contact the SNSM, which provided assistance and convoyed us to Port is both a bad memory and a rich experience of learning and feedback.

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