indikon in Annapolis

The “indikon k4,” an innovative motor/sailer and the first vessel from indikon BoatWorks, made its public debut in Annapolis, MD, at the United States Sailboat Show October 4th-8th, 2012 and the United States Powerboat Show October 11th-14th.

The indikon k4 is a 44-foot catamaran that will change people’s perceptions about what is possible in a recreational watercraft. Imagined by indikon BoatWorks and designed by the internationally renowned firm Morrelli & Melvin (M&M), the k4 is an innovative hybrid “motor/sailer” with breakthrough appeal to sailors and powerboat enthusiasts alike.  By integrating unique and patented design features and innovative technologies, the k4 blends wind and motor propulsion to create numerous benefits for owners.  The k4 can be operated as a high-performance sailboat when the wind is blowing or as a power boat when it is not. In addition, the k4 can utilize “blended propulsion” of wind and motor power to generate unprecedented performance and fuel efficiency.

The k4 incorporates several of the latest design innovations from M&M to deliver new levels of speed, safety, and comfort in a multihull platform. Said Pete Melvin, partner of M&M, “We’ve added some features which we have drawn from our design of boats such as the Team New Zealand’s America’s Cup boat NZ 72.  For example, the k4 has a pronounced S-shape in the hull, which allows the vessel to maintain the proper trim-level with reduced drag when operating under power.  These kinds of design features allow the k4 to reach exceptional cruising speeds, while still being able to perform well as a pure sailboat.”

“We think the k4 will appeal to boating enthusiasts across the spectrum,” added Todd Berman, Managing Member of indikon Boat Works.  “We’ve incorporated the best of both worlds, like clean ergonomic decks for fishing, for sailing, or for just relaxing.  It’s an enjoyable boat to operate, with exceptional visibility, and clean decks make it easy to dock. The command bridge makes the boat fun and easy to single-hand, regardless of your previous experience with sailboats or powerboats. Best of all, since we combine wind power with motor power, the boat is incredibly efficient and eco-friendly.”


Press Contact

Robert Taylor–General Manager
indikon BoatWorks

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