Our Story

In 2009, lifelong sailboat racer and passionate offshore fisherman Todd Berman was fueling his powerboat on a picture perfect sailing day. And a thought came to him.  What if someone could combine wind power – which is universally available, has no cost, and creates no emissions – with the comfort, convenience and safety of motor power, to make something unique?

It had to be fast and fun like a powerboat with all the efficiency of a sailing craft.  You’d get an entirely new, more sustainable form of boating pleasure. He sketched some thoughts on a napkin, and put it in his pocket.

Sometime later, Todd approached his friend Pete Melvin, the world’s pre-eminent designer of high performance catamaran vessels, and showed him the napkin. Pete got a funny look in his eye. He took the idea back to his design studio at Morrelli and Melvin Yacht Design & Engineering, in California. After months of hard work and careful tinkering, Pete emerged with a truly revolutionary concept now named “Indikon.”

It’s a fast and lively sailboat that rejoices when the wind is blowing. A powerful motorboat that glides effortlessly through the water when the wind is not.  And when it uses wind power AND horse power in combination, Indikon shatters all preconceptions about what a hybrid motorsailer can be. Indikon now designates this new vessel a “Powersailer”.

With the design and engineering completed, the Indikon group shared the idea with some folks who know a thing or two about making and enjoying great boats. The power of the original vision was confirmed. The Indikon concept has been enthusiastically adopted by project partners Volvo Penta, North Sails, Hall Spars, and Harken, just to name a few. Their continued interest has helped bring Indikon to the next stage of development.

Our first product “k4″ is available for sale; complementary larger (k5) and smaller (k3) designs are under development.

Indikon k4 is the most innovative vessel to hit the water in many years. It will change people’s perceptions about what is possible in a sail/power hybrid.

And it is right on time.

This is Indikon, now available for sale. See our “Become An Owner” page.

indikon BoatWorks k4