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indikruise is a revolutionary, patent-pending tool to help you get the most out of your new indikon k4. It is an on-board “coach” that teaches you how to apply the sails and engines to optimize the experience (speed, comfort and efficiency) of your journey in any given situation. It’s like the control system on a hybrid car that makes decisions every second to optimize fuel efficiency and comfort. The difference is that with indikruise, you’re the one in control.

indikruise—The onboard coaching optimum performance system

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For power boaters, indikruise adds speed, efficiency and stability.  The k4 offers simple sail controls, and indikruise is your guide for properly setting your sails and applying your engines to get the optimal “blended propulsion.”  So even if you have very little familiarity with the use of sails, indikruise gives you the confidence to create a smooth, powerful, comfortable ride that is also extremely energy efficient.

Onboard Optimum Performance Coach

Onboard Optimum Performance Coach

For sail boaters, indikruise shows how to use a little engine power to generate a huge impact on performance.  indikruise teaches you how to apply the engines to optimize the apparent wind angle for the sails, creating the most eco-efficient “blended propulsion” solution for any wind speed and angle. Creating a sailing experience that is as efficient as it is thrilling.

For all kinds of boaters, indikruise is simply the best of both worlds.  Wind power.  Motor power.  Blended effortlessly for maximum speed, comfort and efficiency.

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